Australia’s latest revolution in sports nutrition, PILLAR Performance is now available nationally in TerryWhite Chemmart, as one of Australia’s leading pharmacy brands turns to clinical strength, sports micronutrition products.

PILLAR has quickly embedded itself into the market; as demand for Australia’s first clinical sports micronutrition brand grows amongst major retailers and consumers.

The range is already available through sports nutrition retail across Australia and New Zealand, and will also feature on the shelves of TerryWhite Chemmart stores nationally.

This latest retailer partnership is a huge coup for PILLAR, with its market-leading range successfully bridging the gap between pharmacy and traditional sports nutrition.

TerryWhite Chemmart is one of Australia’s leading retail pharmacy networks, with more than 450 community pharmacies providing high-quality, accessible and cost-effective community-based health care services and programs.

PILLAR’s inclusion within the TerryWhite Chemmart offering further solidifies the market gap the brand has identified; micronutrition for the elite active consumer.

Developed by athletes, in partnership with some of Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians and based on decades of clinical and elite sporting research, PILLAR exists to create an athletic advantage through micronutrition.

PILLAR is home to a range of 10 products that focus on clinical joint longevity, muscle recovery, energy and immunity – a practice undertaken in elite sporting programs for decades.

The PILLAR range has been formulated to be safely used by elite athletes with products third party batch-tested or certified by HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) in accordance with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines.

Given the complexity in complementary medicine and micronutrition, this commitment to third party testing or certified products is the first of its kind with the category.

PILLAR Performance has created a market first product – MOTION ARMOUR – a breakthrough joint protection and longevity formulation featuring a market first combination of patented ingredients NEM® and 5-LOXIN® alongside curcumin.

An all natural joint protection formulation, MOTION ARMOUR will not only protect joints, but improve flexibility and relieve mild joint inflammation and pain associated with the heavy physical workload of athletes and elite amateurs.

Former NSW Waratah and Founder, Damien Fitzpatrick said that PILLAR is addressing a significant gap in the sports nutrition market.

“There has always been a huge focus across the board on macronutrients when it comes to performance nutrition,” Fitzpatrick said.

“I felt that the micronutrient needs of elite athletes, endurance specialists and highly active people weren’t being purposefully addressed.

“Elite programs have long been crying out for micronutrition that better fits their requirements and PILLAR exists to fill that gap through products with purposefully formulated dosages.

“As a former athlete, I know how important these products can be to season-long performance outcomes. We set out to create an offering that has an elite mindset and was independently tested through HASTA.

“We’re proud to be involved with a retailer like TerryWhite Chemmart, they’re a legacy name within pharmacy retail here in Australia.

“From concept, TerryWhite has understood the uniqueness PILLAR brings to the category and recognised the active consumers it will service – we can’t wait to see PILLAR roll out on shelves across the country over the next few months.”

TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist and Co-Founder of Batch Tested, Karen Brown said that PILLAR’s commitment to batch testing sets it apart and brings something new to pharmacy.

“We’re seeing a real desire from consumers for batch tested products of all kinds, people are turning to these products for overall peace of mind,” Brown said.

“PILLAR’s partnership with HASTA and commitment to competition-safe products is something we haven’t seen in the market before.

“Through my work at Batch Tested, we’ve had many professional teams and individual athletes using PILLAR and the feedback has been overwhelming – I think the wider market will feel the same.

“We still recommend elite athletes come through Batch Tested to obtain the documentation and support they need when purchasing supplements, but it’s pleasing that the broader public can be assured of PILLAR’s commitment to clean, safe products.

“The quality of the PILLAR micronutrition range is industry-leading and it’s so exciting to have it available across TerryWhite Chemmart.”

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